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coulthard trio

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The Bird of Dawning Singeth All Night Long (Jean Coulthard) - guitar, flute, viola

The Bird of Dawning Singeth All Night Long (Jean Coulthard) - guitar, flute, viola

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Coulthard Trio

The genesis of the Coulthard Trio is woven with passion for music, collaboration, and cultural connectivity. This ensemble, comprised of Tim Beattie (guitar), Jaume Darbra Fa (flute), and Claudia Do Minh Ramos (viola), came into existence during their respective residencies at the prestigious Banff Centre for Performing Arts in Alberta, Canada.

The trio's formation unfolded during a shared curation event, set against the backdrop of an art installation featuring the soundboard of Jean Coulthard's piano. United initially by friendship, the trio embarked on a musical journey, drawn to Coulthard's composition crafted for their unique instrumentation.


About Us

The Coulthard Trio derives its strength from the distinctive expertise each member brings to the ensemble.


Violist Claudia Do Minh Ramos, a Madrid native and New England Conservatory alumna, seamlessly combines her classical prowess with interdisciplinary collaborations, adding depth to her role as a faculty member at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Castilla y León.


Flutist Jaume Darbra, an international force based between Murcia and Cologne, stands out in contemporary music and visual arts, showcasing his avant-garde dedication through collaborations with luminaries like Patricia Kopatchinskaja and performances at prestigious institutions globally.


Canadian guitarist Tim Beattie, a boundary-defying musician and winner of the Brussels International Guitar Competition, challenges traditional notions by intertwining folk traditions with art music, creating a fresh vision for the 21st-century guitar. As an Associate Teacher of Guitar at the University of St Andrews, Tim emphasizes collaborative and creative education.


Together, the Coulthard Trio, with its diverse talents and shared vision, promises to captivate audiences worldwide in celebration of life, humanity, and the rich tapestry of musical traditions. For a deeper exploration of their artistic journey, visit


Who We Are

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Tim Beattie


Claudia Do Minh Ramos


Jaume Darbra Fa


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